About Me.

I'm faculty in the Department of Mathematical Sciences department at Carnegie Mellon University. My main webpage is here.

About this Wiki.

This is mainly a collection of lecture notes, math related code and student projects. It will eventually replace my main website. Feel free to contribute to and improve anything you find on this Wiki.

Beware Spammers: You need an account to post anything, and all changes are moderated.

Git Source.

ikiwiki looks TERRIBLE by default. I had to hack it to get this look. If you like it, you can clone my git repository (read only) by doing:

git clone git://wiki.math.cmu.edu/pub/wiki-wiki.git
git clone git://wiki.math.cmu.edu/pub/ikiwiki-plugins.git

Alternately, you can browse it online here and here. Copy the .css files, .setup files, and the relevant plugins (from the plugins repo). I also have a few setup scripts that you may or may-not find helpful.

Needless to say, this wiki is powered by ikiwiki. Basic editing help and info is here, and a sandbox is here.