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This is a web view of a git repository that is the backend for this wiki. You can always make changes using the (minimalist) web interface, however if you want direct commit access, send your ssh-key to the wiki-owner. If you need help getting started with git, look here.

2015-03-25 Gautam IyerReverse chronological sorting with BibTeX master
2015-03-01 Gautam IyerUpdated further reading
2015-03-01 Gautam IyerSSH over http proxy
2014-12-19 Gautam IyerAdded remote DNS for socks proxy
2014-10-15 Gautam IyerTypo fix
2014-10-15 https://www... Added a comment
2014-10-15 https://www... Comment moderation
2014-10-08 Gautam IyerRemoved unneeded MathJax
2014-09-27 Gautam IyerMore UTF-8 fixes
2014-09-27 Gautam Iyerutf8 and mrxvt fixes
2014-09-25 Gautam IyerRemoved LC_ALL and LANGUAGE
2014-09-25 Gautam IyerMutt with UTF8
2014-09-23 Gautam Iyerssh-utf8 fix
2014-09-21 Gautam IyerFixed UTF detection with mutt
2014-09-15 Gautam IyerUpdated UTF8 instructions
2014-09-14 Gautam IyerUsing utf8 in mrxvt
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