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These are all the plugins I install with ikiWiki. They go in the libdir setting in your ikiwiki setup file. (In my files this is usually ~ikiwiki/plugins or ~/.ikiwiki.)

2014-07-20 Gautam IyerAdded gitweb description master origin/HEAD origin/master pub/master
2014-07-20 Gautam IyerFixed indent, and reduced verbosity
2014-07-20 Gautam IyerPlugin to add arbitrary template variables.
2014-07-20 Gautam IyerBugfixes, and corrected documentation
2014-07-20 Gautam IyerAdded navbar plugin
2014-01-22 Gautam IyerAllowed compat meta header.
2014-01-22 Gautam IyerCopied meta plugin from ikiwiki 3.20120629
2013-10-05 Gautam IyerDefault config file to /javascript/mathjax-config
2013-10-04 Gautam IyerAdded missing 1 at end
2013-10-04 Gautam IyerRemoved unused include_javascript function
2013-10-04 Gautam IyerCommented code
2013-10-04 Gautam IyerIgnored wikilist
2013-10-04 Gautam IyerWrote MathJAX plugin.
2013-04-07 IkiwikiDeleted wikilist
2013-04-07 GIStop mediawiki processing of html.
2013-04-07 GIMerge branch 'master' of wiki:.ikiwiki
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